Discover Little Italy

Around the June Grand Prix, it’s not unusual to see a Ferrari owner “prancing” his way down Saint-Laurent Boulevard as the tifosi (die-hard Formula-1 fans) assemble in the many Italian trattorias and cafés to cheer on their favourite teams and drivers. In fact, the emotion, speed and unique style associated with Ferrari sports cars are representative of the community as well.

And the Jean-Talon Market ! Montrealers flock to the neighbourhood for the adjacent Jean-Talon Market where they can find an incredible variety of fresh and flavorful products offered by the producers of the region and diffrent cultural communities of the island.

Be sure to give yourself at least an hour to cruise around all the stalls. Chances are that once you see all the goodies, you’ll need more than that to take it all in!

Some of our fave Little Italy hangouts include Little Italy Park for summer tango, Quincaillerie Dante, which stocks everything from nails to spatulas, offers cooking classes and is often the place for celebrity-chef sightings.

Don't forget to pass by the sublime Madonna della Difesa Church with its impressive fresco and, of course, Dante Park for bocce.

Anyone up for a game?

Historic Sites in Little Italy

Casa d’Italia

505 Rue Jean-Talon Est, Montréal, QC H2R 1T6

Antica clinica d’ispezione delle carni

7070, avenue Casgrain, Montréal

Dante Park

Rue Dante, Montréal

Fire Station # 31

7041, rue Sainte-Dominique, Montréal

Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense elementary school

6841, avenue Henri-Julien, Montréal

Jean-Talon Market

7070 Henri-Julien

The old Le Château theater (today’s Centre Chrétien Métropolitain)

6956, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal

Madonna della Difesa church

6800, avenue Henri-Julien, Montréal
  • The Jean-Talon Market

  • Shamrock Place

  • Dante Park

  • Notre-Dame Church

  • Little Italy Park


The Jean-Talon market. If you arrive by car, use the underground parking. Taste fresh products from Québec and let you capture the colors of the market. Talk with merchants is a must if you want to understand what is meant by "typical of here" in Montreal. Have fun on the square Shamrock, where contemporary mixes with the old. Example of urban design with its carousel and musical bikes, the Shamrock site is characterized by typical buildings of the period «Art Deco». This road will take you directly to the «Main». 


Via Dante, the heart of the neighborhood. In the streets, the atmosphere becomes more intimate and we quickly found in Dante Park, a recreation area. The visit inside the Church of the Madonna della Difesa is advised, after tasting the sun on a park bench Dante good cannolo of the oldest pastry territory.


Take the St-Zotique and experience the sophisticated boutique shops. Finish your round the park of Little Italy, all generations meet there for a picnic in the shade of trees, or a hot chocolate after a turn on the ice in winter. Tip: go with an empty stomach.