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It’s summer! It’s ice cream time!

With the beginning of summer, it's great to walk around Little Italy and have a gourmet break.

Between pleasure and refreshment, what do you think of eating a good ice cream?

The traditional ice cream :

Pile ou glace : It’s no necessary to present this institution placed in the heart of Little Italy. With more than thirty flavors, the talent of this artisanal glacier is the promise of an intense moment of pleasure!

Pierino : The ice creams offered will delight young and old ... specially these infused with alcohol. Yes, yes, to alcohol! Here, they work without artificial flavors and all products come from Italy!

San Gennaro : A coffee, a bakery, a pizzeria or grocery store ? Anyway, this place is a landmark for lovers of Italy and this products ... On your way, if you decide to take a break, let yourself be tempted by their Basilic ice cream which is simply unique.

Le havre aux glaces : In the heart of the Jean Talon market, this artisan make creative compositions with various flavors. Here, raw materials are worked with passion to bring unique ice creams.

Bar Sportivo : At the Sportivo bar, they proudly red and green colors and play conviviality. Between football games and an espresso, you can enjoy the terrace and eat a good traditional ice cream. Yes, Italy is here, a step away from you.

Miss Napoletana : This popular address in the area offers gelato. Imported directly from Italy, ice creams are offered in 6 flavors! In cornet or stuffed brioche, you will love the Italian pistachio.

The soft ice cream :

Pizzeria Gema : Off course, this establishment is a great place for pizzas and anitpasti but you can stop here to take a gourmand pleasure and eat a soft ice.

La diperie : If you come here for their soft ice cream, you succumb to the choice of available ingredients: pieces of biscuits, cereals, pretzel, grated coconut ... It's many choices to turn your head and turn the taste buds!

Café Conca d’or : This Italian cafe is an authentic place where people converse, share, and play cards. This other pleasure is in tasting an ice cream. A way to get closer to the charms of Italy.

Panino pazzo : In a welcoming atmosphere, this restaurant offers homemade ice cream. Here, no remorse and long live greediness!

The Popsicle :

Juliette et chocolat : You want more original? At “Juliette et chocolat” you can eat Ice Creams Pops with a chocolate coating and a tasty filling. On the perfume side, there are classics such as vanilla, caramel, speculos, and even a coconut vegan. We complement the ice cream with a special one as popcorn chips, meringue pieces or strawberry chocolate pearls ... When originality meets ice cream!

To the house :

Andrea Jourdan : The walk is over, you sit on your sofa and enjoy a homemade ice cream. The secret of your happiness is Andrea Jourdan. This passionate woman runs a grocery store that caters to gourmets and gourmands. Also, she offers a selection of refined products and exquisite ice creams.

You know, in Little Italy we love mixity. If you are lovers of classic sorbets, more refined, atypical, vegan, gluten-free or gourmet, you will find your happiness!

With this summer, enjoy the life of the neighborhood and succumb to the temptation of a good ice cream.