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An application to help you find parking in Montreal

You want to go to dinner but the idea of ​​looking for parking discourages you?

You want to buy your bunch of tomatoes at the Jean-Talon market but you are afraid of not finding parking nearby because of the construction site?

Do not be discouraged since we have the solution for you! We understand that the search for parking can be a real pain and that it makes you waste a lot of time. To counter this problem, City Parking is here for you! This is a new application that allows you to reserve your parking spot in advance, like the AirBnB of the parking spots!

 How it works in few steps:

1. Download the application on your cell phone, either in Appstore or from the website: https://cityparking.guide/index-en

2. Create your account by clicking on sign in with Facebook or simply enter your personal information in the form, which appears.

3. Enter your credit card information in by clicking on the menu at the top left, then on the payment tab. Your data is safe on this site and payments will only be made when you reserve a parking space. The payment will be easier!

4. Make sure your geolocation data is enabled in the settings so that the app can find you and find the closest parking to you.

5. Find the nearest place by clicking on the rounds with numbers that indicate the parking spaces.

6. Check the availability times and reserve your place by moving your fingers on the rounds for the desired number of times

7. Reserve your place in advance or at the same time. It's up to you.

* To be sure of having a place, book in advance!

Use the free promo code « gratuit30 » to get up to 30 minutes of FREE parking!