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Pizza, the signature dish of Little Italy

October is considered the month of pizza in Canada.

For many, it's more than a dish, it's a true tradition. Because the district of the Little Italy has very good addresses, with unique know-how, we offer you an overview of these places where you can enjoy pizzas, and even learn how to make them at home.


The Pizzeria


In the Italian tradition, this restaurant located in the heart of the Little Italy district, offers a wide selection of pizzas cooked in a wood oven. An address simply unavoidable for all lovers of Italy!

6825 Boul St-Laurent



In a warm and modern atmosphere, the Bottega restaurant offers a selection of varied and authentic pizzas. Like his famous Neapolitan baked in a wood oven directly imported from Naples. Italy is here, within reach!

65 Saint-Zotique E

C15 Pizza


At the heart of the Jean-Talon market, the C15 pizza brand offers a wide choice of pizzas by the meter, perfectly well stocked and really cheap. Whether you eat on the go or not, alone or accompanied, this place will satisfy your appetite!

7070 avenue Henri Julien



For years, the Corneli restaurant has been a must. In the heart of the Little Italy district, this place is famous for its know-how, its atmosphere, the wide variety of its menu, its large terrace, and of course, its pizzas cooked in the wood oven.

6741 Boul St-Laurent


Da Enrico


The Da'Enrico restaurant is a family-owned restaurant, specializing in home-made cooking and using only fresh ingredients. In addition to the common and traditional dishes, the establishment offers a wide choice of pizzas all more appetizing than the others.

264 Saint-Zotique

Piatto pieno


In this modern and elegant restaurant, guests can enjoy a selection of pizzas with thin and perfectly unctuous crusts. A little advice, let yourself be tempted by their Ortolana, it's a classic that leaves no one indifferent in Montreal!

177 Saint-Zotique E



Near the Jean-Talon market, this friendly institution that serves as a restaurant and traditional grocery store, has been celebrating Italy for over ten years, offering quality products and a wide range of range of pizzas by the meter. A must in the neighborhood! 303 avenue Mozart E.



In this canteen-like restaurant, we work a fusion and creative cuisine while offering a wide range of pizzas. The originality of the dishes, their colors, tastes and styles reflect the passion of the chef in the kitchen and his immense know-how.

6827 St-Dominique Street

Pizzeria napoletana


Bring your own wine and let yourself be charmed by this family-friendly address that offers great varieties of pizzas. At Napoletana pizzeria, you'll find the classics of Italian cuisine, including their crispy Roman pizza. An institution that combines know-how and tradition!

189 Dante Street



A Neapolitan pizza cooked over a wood fire, a crisp and thin crust, a scented smell, a clean and modern decor, a flawless service ... No doubt, you are at Pomodoro, an address where we rediscover with passion the flavors of Italy and its high tradition.

6834 Saint-Laurent Boulevard


# quindici15

Pleasure of the eyes and pleasure of the senses. In the heart of the Little Italy district, this address offers quality and creative Italian cuisine thanks to the products of the market. Whether it's their refined dishes and their exquisite tastes, the establishment also offers a wide range range of pizzas as original as appetizing.

15 Bélanger Street

San Gennaro


Both Italian coffee, delicatessen or lunch place, this charming place offers a dozen choices of pizzas per meter al taglio, cooked in a rectangle in an oven and tastes tasty. An address not to be missed if you are looking for quality and speed.

69 Saint-Zotique E.


Miss Napoletana


This gourmet Italian shop - near the restaurant of the same name - offers a wide range of products of high quality. Beyond this choice of pizzas, she also offers a selection of frozen pizzas, perfect for a quiet evening at home to listen to the TV!

174 Dante Street


Where to learn to make pizza?



At the Mezzaluna School, Elena Faita shares with you her passion for Italian cuisine, including the secret of making pizza. Calzone, vegetarian, Margherita, and many more ... Soon, all these recipes will have no more secrets for you thanks to the incomparable know-how of Elena.

57 Dante Street