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Alati-Caserta celebrates its 50 years !

When entering Alati-Caserta, the first thing that we notice is the delicious smell of pastries. Behind the counters, a small door allows us to glimpse at the pastry chefs at work. "Everything is home-made!", tells me Linda, the daughter-in-law of Vittorio Caldarone and Maria Di Meo, the founders of the pastry shop.

Vittorio Caldarone left Italy at the age of 13, heading for Switzerland where he worked in the kitchens of the Hotel Astoria, where he proudly learned the trade of pastry chef. It was when he arrived in Montreal that he was able to put forward his skills as a pastry chef in his own business, the Caserta pastry shop, which he opened with his wife, Maria di Meo. It is also in honor of the village of origin of Vittorio! Their first business opened in 1968 at the corners of St. Viateur and Clark, where it was located for about 10 years, before moving to the current location on Dante Street.

The move from St. Viateur was also an opportunity for the Caldarone-Di Meo couple to acquire the Alati pastry shop. This purchase of the renowned Alati party shop by a recognized Italian pastry chef was very well received in Little Italy, according to Linda.

Speaking of the Italian community, Linda adds, "In Little Italy, there is a strong sense of attachment to Italian roots. That's what this pastry offers customers: a true sense of Italian authenticity ! all pastries are made on site and the recipes come straight from the Italian knowledge. Node-Dame-de-la-Défense Church, which is right across the street, is also a gathering place for the local community. What we offer to our customers is an authentic, classic Italian taste. It is an art that Vittorio transmitted to the district by his trade."

After years and years, the owners and employees of the pastry shop continue to celebrate the moments of life with their customers.

According to Linda, the spirit of the neighborhood is represented by an exceptional neighborhood life: "It is mutual support between us [...]. It's great to have new families settling here! It gives back energy to the neighborhood!"

Many businesses have been established in the area for several decades, and they too represent the spirit of Little Italy. A revival of business is also perceptible by the next generations of Italo-Canadians, for example, Bijouterie Italienne, Quincaillerie Dante, Bijouterie Dominic, Caffè Italia, Fruiterie MilanoSan Simeon, and the pizzeria Bottega, to name a few.

According to Linda, Little Italy is an experience to live! You can easily come and spend the day as there is so many things to do, activities and restaurants to try.

As for the products of pastry, Linda does not hesitate for a second: the cannoli are the most popular products. Their reputation talks for itself.

Code d'Aragosta, or Lobster tail

There are some products she would like to introduce to customers. First, there is the Code d'Aragosta, or Lobster tail. It is a pastry that has an outer croissant texture, generously filled with ricotta and sprinkled with icing sugar.

Customers who do not consume gluten are not left out. Few people know it, but Alati-Caserta has also created several gluten-free amaretti cookies!

With the Holidays approaching, the mostaccioli (a dessert reminiscent of a gingerbread) would also be a good discovery for customers who want to try a typical Italian dessert of the Holiday season.

To thank the loyalty of their customers, the Pâtisserie Alati-Caserta will host an event for their customers! You will find all the details HERE.

To know more about the pasty shop, you can go HERE.



Angelo Iacono souligne les 50 ans d'Alati-Caserta

Félicitations à la Pâtisserie Alati-Caserta pour ses 50 ans d'histoire: un fleuron de la Petite-Italie de Montréal depuis 1968 ! A place where taste and aromas from Italy remind us all of "la dolce vita". I spoke about you in the House of Commons. Complimenti ! Marco Caldarone

Posted by Angelo G. Iacono on Wednesday, October 24, 2018