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Design gifts from Little Italy!

Several design shops have come to settle in the district of Little Italy, each offering a unique product of its kind!

At Le Palais Bulles, you will find a multitude of decorative accessories for the home, and also makeover products for furniture (offering a furniture makeover can be a delicate way of informing your father that his old rocking chair is a bit out of style).

If your friend has several New Year resolutions, but a disorganized schedule, an agenda from Blanc Confetti will be a thoughtful gift.

And what's better than recording our appointments on this new agenda while sitting on an antique armchair from Harold? It does not fit in a Christmas stocking, but your friend will thank you for this visit in this cave of Ali Baba! For a lighter gift, this store has pretty jewels in the dresser at the entrance of the store.

Speaking of jewelry, did you know that we have three jewelry store in the neighborhood? At Bijouterie Dominic, you can find the perfect watch for your sweetheart with their choice of Omega and Mont Blanc watches. If they prefer a Rolex, Bijouterie Italienne has excellent choices. If you want to offer a bespoke jewel, Oritalia is here for you. For creations from local artisans and designers, like earrings in the shape of a Christmas sweater, it's at Tah-Dah!

Another Italian knowledge with a touch of modernity and refinement is Italian fashion, and, in Little Italy, we are well served! At Lauro Napoli, you will find gorgeous handkerchiefs made 100% from silk, for both your traditional grandfather and your avant-garde brother. The Baggi store can suggest a shirt with which to arrange this handkerchief and even make adjustments once your friend has unpacked his gift.

Taking up the idea of the general store, BélangerMartin offers an assortment of all types of designer products! You will find pretty tote bags and gloves, perfect to offer as a gift.

And for your soccer fan friend? You will find the shirts of their favorite team at Evangelista Sport (all except Sweden, of course).

Buon Natale !