Gifts that will warm their heart!

Sometimes, we need to remind people we love that they deserve a little break and take time for themselves. By offering a book, we not only offer the possibility of a mental escape but also a moment of pause in their whirlwinds lives. In the neighborhood, we are fortunate to have several bookstores, which offer books both to escape and to cook.

For gourmet ideas, you can discover the new book by Josée Di Stasio, that you can find at Librairie Gourmande, or 1, 2, 3 vies, recettes zéro gaspi by Florence-Léa Siry.

A classic of literature or a book by a new local author is an excellent gift! First, the new books of the year at Archambault. For your heart-broken friend, Alice marche sur Fabrice will give her a smile while traveling on the road to Compostela and the Allégorie des truites arc-en-ciel will be a balm on her heart. For your friends in search of trills, we recommend the series Contes Interdits by Éditions AdA. For classics, Au Bonheur des Dames by Zola or Poésies complètes d’Émile Nelligan are safe bets.

The second-hand bookstore Romans Savons will be ideal for a gift for a child. To learn the beautiful Italian language, Librairie Italienne will be able to advise you.

Other small gifts promoting calm and well-being can be found at Coop Coco. For example, natural products such as their oils and body butter are perfect for the harsh upcoming winter.

At Empire de l'Échange, you will be spoiled for your choices for a gift out of the ordinary and eco-friendly. Our favorite products are the natural body care live of BKINF, a local company, and Anoush's oils (have you smell that rose oils?)

If you want to offer a 100% vegan soap, the market L'Olivier holds in store the natural soaps Alep.

Did you know that lavender has soothing properties? Canneberge Bieler does not only offer cranberry products, but also a nice selection of lavender products!

For your little furry friends, Mondou offers vegan dog biscuits. If your friend has a green thumb, a hanging plant from Jean-Talon Market will be quite appropriate.

If your friend is really difficult, why not give them the choice? With a gift card, you could offer them a cooking class at Mezza Luna, a pole fitness class at Pole Fitness Montreal or a yoga class at the Centre de Santé TAO, a dance class at the Studio Accento, a facial treatment at Mon Secret Beauté, or a workshop to learn how to revamp their out of style furniture at Piorra Maison.


Buon Natale !

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