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Faema celebrates its half-century !

Little Italy is a historic district, and so are its shops! The year 2018 also marks the 50th anniversary of the unique Faema Distributeur Inc!

Graziano Angeli is the founder of Faema Distributeur Inc. This company is one of the only three in the world to have the right to use the name of the famous Italian Faema coffee machines. Mr. Angeli's initiative to be certified as an official distributor of the Faema products came from the idea of a friend working as a roaster in Little Italy, who was looking for a business partner. After a summer training in Milan, Italy, M Angeli was joined by his family for the summer holidays. The Angeli family returned to Montreal in the fall of 1968 to prepare the opening of their business.

As Mr. Angeli is spending all of his time in the repair shop, his wife Luigina Paoli Angeli was the true emblem of the business. "Even today, which is a few years after her death, customers ask me "Where is the lady?", speaking of my mother!" tells us their daughter Susan Angeli, the new lady of the place. Faema may be a business, it is also a place of meeting and discussion, where relations between the staff and the customers are at the heart of the exchanges, as the example of the late Mrs. Angeli demonstrates.

During its early years, from 1968 to 1982, Faema was located at the current address of Café Lino. Then, the Angeli family decided to move to their current locations, which has previously been a tavern! In 1984, they operated a small restaurant while having their repair shop in the back. Over the years, they decided to focus only on coffee.

It is by choice that Susan Angeli works at Faema. "When young, my mother told me to go to school and work wherever I wanted, as long as it was somewhere else. I wanted to do something else too, but I did not know what either. I went to Faema to help one summer, thirty years ago... I never left! I really belong to the neighborhood, I feel even better now, especially with the renovations of our building!"

It's not only their building that has changed over time but the whole neighborhood too! The revival of businesses and the revitalization of Little Italy have brought new families and Montreal's youth to settle there, boosting the atmosphere, which Mrs. Angeli notices with her clientele. While her clientele was previously mostly made up of other businesses of the neighborhood and wealthy customers, more and more young people are investing in the art of coffee at home.

And her favorite product? The essential Rocket R58, which represents the very spirit of Italian knowledge, while having a touch of modernity by its design. And for the coffee itself, it's the Faema house mix that catches our attention!

Psss... Wondering what old espresso machines look like? Go visit Faema, their beautiful collection is on display at the entrance of their shop!

To thanks the loyalty of their customers, Faema Distributeur Inc. invites you to their location to enjoy their coffee and have 50% off their Faema house mix on November 22nd! Visit their Facebook event for more details.