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The Benvenuti card : A Christmas gift for a good cause !

As Christmas time and its festivities are approaching, we can only think of one thing: the gargantuan meals waiting for us while opening our gifts from under the tree.  At the Société de Développement Commercial (SDC) Petite-Italie — Marché Jean-Talon, we have a cause that is very important to us and which represents the heart of our neighborhood, who is renowned for its gastronomy and the proximity between the members of its community: an access to good and healthy food. 

For this year's Christmas, we have put on sales the Benvenuti card and its profits will be fully given to the social organization La Maisonnette des Parents.

The Benvenuti card will bring privileges and promotional offers in Little Italy for the cardholder. This card allows you exclusive offers from 23 of our members for the year 2019, which is a great gift to put in your colleagues and employees Christmas stockings!


How to get the Benvenuti card :

  1. Download the booking coupon and send it filled to info@petiteitalie.com ;
  2. Pay your order ;
  3. Receive the cards directly to your address.


Our different packages:

10 cards for 50$ + taxes

20 cards for 90$ + taxes

30 cards for 125$ + taxes

50 cards for 200$ + taxes

**Our apologies, this offer is not eligible for a tax credit.


For this Fundraising, we have chosen La Maisonnette des parents. This organization is a meeting place for low-income parents, where they can participate in many activities with their children, and, most of all, get food assistance.

Also, in a Christmas spirit and representing the spirit of Little Italy where food security is at the heart of our social implications, the restaurant Corneli will organize for the third year in a row a Christmas lunch for the parents who are members of La Maisonnette des parents.

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Buon Natale!