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Corneli celebrates Christmas with La Maisonnette des parents !

As part of the Christmas dinner for La Maisonnette des Parents, which will be held at Corneli on Saturday, December 15th, we asked some questions to Pina Corneli, co-owner of the restaurant, about the event. As part of the tightly woven community of Little Italy, and having the cause of food security very much at heart, the Corneli team has been associated for three years with the community organization La Maisonnette des parents. This dinner is an excellent opportunity for the parents who are members of  La Maisonnette and Corneli's employees to meet and celebrate together the beginning of winter in this restaurant representing the spirit of the neighborhood while their children... meet Santa!

Question 1: Why is it important for you to give back to the community?

Pina Corneli: Because we are really pampered and we are aware of our luck. My father, the former owner of the restaurant, has always considered it important to help others. He went to churches and fed people for free. so when La Maisonnette des parents approached us three years ago, we immediately agreed with pleasure. We had a great experience in the past years, it was beautiful families, it was fun, the children were happy, so we decided to do it again. I asked donations to my suppliers, so I managed to have a lot of food. Pasta, pizzas... Once a year, it's not the end of the world for us and it's so much for the children!

Question 2: Your employees helped you a lot last year during the Christmas dinner. What are you doing to motivate them?

Pina Corneli: I offered them to volunteer that day to do their part and many accepted it with pleasure. But last year, I had still made gifts as jewels for the girls who had worked that day. We still have the same employees, so this year they will do the same thing. In addition, my children will work too! They volunteered and it opens them to something else, it gives them good values. the whole gang of Corneli; we get together to do something good!

Question 3: What were the reactions of the families at last year's dinner?

Pina Corneli: I think they really liked that! I went around the tables and everyone was happy. Last year, Santa visited us and he was in charge of giving gifts while volunteers were doing the animation. There was really a party atmosphere!

Question 4: Do you want other neighborhood shops to choose to support this cause?

Pina Corneli: I think the whole community has get together, to create a sense of closeness and a sense of community. There families live here, they are part of La Petite-Patrie and they bring life to the neighborhood. This is an opportunity to spoil them! You have to get involved, it's important! And it is not very complicated in the end... You help your neighbor, it's as simple as that! You make them smile, and they make you smile.


Buon Natale!