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The multicultural beauty of Little Italy

The Italo-Canadian community is an example of a community that has kept its traditions by adapting to those already in place when they arrived while welcoming the newcomers after them. The neighborhood has been developed by migrants in a spirit of inclusion, which is its strength. The shops you will find on the historic territory of Little Italy are like our inhabitants: multiethnic, dynamic and cosmopolitan.


Groceries and butcheries 


Boucherie Al-Khair

Located on Jean-Talon Street, the Boucherie Al-Khair specializes in flavors of the Mediterranean. You will find meats for all your dishes, whether you like poultry, red meat, marinades or sausages (have you tried their merguez?). This butcher also has delicious olives.

300 Jean-Talon East


Boucherie An-Nasr

From the same owner as the Boucherie Al-Khair, this butchery offers us a more specifically Moroccan cuisine.

250 Place du Marché-du-Nord


Supermarché Mundial

Grocery, butchery, dishes to eat on the spot or to take away (their taquitos are to fall for!), this supermarket of products of Latin America will make you leave with the smile!

7040 St. Laurent Boulevard

Photo: Supermarché Mundial



This small Palestinian grocery store is aptly named as you will find a multitude of olive oils! In addition to oils, you will find tajines, an olive counter, and products directly imported from Palestine.

234 Jean-Talon East


Patisserie Wawel

In business for more than 30 years, the Patisserie Wawel specializes in Polish bakeries and pastries. Through the trips to Austria of its founder, the technique has been perfected. You can enjoy their delicious plum donut!

7070 Henri-Julien Avenue

Photo: httpswww.instagram.com/wildesilver



The Balkani sausage shop is famous for its excellent European smoked sausages, such as the Kabanos from Poland, and its Romanian specialties.

7070 Henri-Julien Avenue


Épices de cru

When preparing a dish, the freshness of the ingredients is primary — and so are the spices! At Épice de cru, you can find all the spices you need to recreate the dishes that have marked you during your travels around the world. Did you know that they also offer cooking classes and workshops?

7070 Henri-Julien Avenue
IG @epicesdecru

Photo: Épice de cru


Épices Anatol

Did you know that Épices Anatol is a historical business in Little Italy? It has been three generations since this business, founded in 1950, has gone from father to son. In this small and very compact space, you will be able to find all the international spices you are looking for (more than 600!)

6807 St. Laurent Boulevard
IG @epices_anatol


Le Ryad

This bakery with flavors of the Mahgreb will not leave you indifferent: Turkish delight, makrout dates, horns of gazelle... and all affordable! You will find calzones and empanadas, once again showing the multicultural spirit of the district.

7070 Henri-Julien Avenue
IG @leryadpatisseries




Épicerie Pumpui

When we pass the discreet gateway to Épicerie Pumpui, we enter a very small restaurant with Thai flavors. At the back of the room, we can see the busy cooks and, in the center, Thai products are available for sale. Our favorite dish? Their pad-thai, extra peanuts, and lime juice!

83 Saint-Zotique East
IG @pumpuimontreal

Photo: Pumpui


Tortilleria Maya

the freshness of the food at Tortilleria Maya is worth seeing at this small counter, whether for their nachos or tortillas.

7016 Casgrain


El Rey Del Taco

At El Rey Del Taco, you'll find something for everyone, from carnivores with pork tacos to vegetarians with their meatless tacos! And what about their guacamole!

232 Jean-Talon East
IG leroidutaco

Photo: www.instagram.com/ginaqu



You are fond of Syrian flavors, do not eat animal products and have an ogre appetite? This restaurant is for you! You can even buy some products from their small grocery store to bring home.

152 Mozart East Avenue
IG @sham.vegan


Sushi Nanami

Poké boles or sushi, the Sushi Nanami counter offers us delicious creative dishes. And their products? They are fresh, tasty and colorful. Our favorite at the moment is the tuna poke bole. It is necessary to return often as the combos change depending on the week!

340 Jean-Talon East
IG sushi.nanami



At Basha located in Jean-Talon Market, you will find delicious Lebanese Chawarma. Di you know they also have vegetarian dishes?

286 Jean-Talon East
IG bashajeantalon


Cuba Paisa

Do you like dancing, good cocktails, and partying in a warm Latin atmosphere? At the restaurant Cuba Paisa, you will have this and an excellent meal worthy of Cuba! You can also book to celebrate your birthday with your sixty best friends and more. For sports fans, you can watch the different soccer games.

7102 St. Laurent Boulevard
IG cubapaisa

Photo: Cuba Paisa



The Makoto restaurant offers Korean and Japanese-style dishes: spicy beef, Deung galbi (to try!), and tempura fish. And, it's affordable!

7112 St. Laurent Boulevard


Étoile Rouge

If you fancy fresh Chinese dumpling made by hand, you have to go to Étoile Rouge! They have a multitude of choices, like curry-flavored beef or vegetarian zucchini, mushroom, and carrot! In addition, they can serve their dumpling in 4 ways, either steamed, fried, boiled or boiled in chicken broth.

6707 St. Laurent Boulevard
IG resto_etoile_rouge


El amigo

In this Bring Your Own Wine, you will find not only Mexican cuisine, but also Salvadoran! We love their grilled shrimp and tamarind chicken.

51 Saint-Zotique East


La Corniche

At the Corniche, a restaurant with Mediterranean flavors, meals from Tunisia are in the spotlight! We recommend one of their couscous, especially the osbane.

7086 St. Laurent Boulevard



If you fancy a great pulled pork sandwich, it's at Bocadillo that you can enjoy it! Venezuelan cuisine is in the spotlight at this small restaurant on the corner of Mozart Street.

3677 St. Laurent Boulevard

Photo: Bocadillo