5 good low budget addresses for students

Little Italy is the perfect place to hang out with friends, even when you're a student!

Here are 5 addresses where you can spend a nice day in the neighborhood without broking your self.

1. Caffe San Simeon

What could be more enjoyable than attacking your day with a good coffee from San Simeon? This Little Italy coffee, whose reputation is second to none, is definitely the place in Montreal where it serves one of the best coffee at reasonable prices.

But if you've never been there, it's time to enjoy the warm and relaxed atmosphere. Let yourself be tempted by the small pastries on the side: they are delicious.

2. El Rey del Taco

For the rest of the day, you do not have to travel to Mexico to eat tasty Tacos. El Rey del Taco has a easy going interior, but what makes it all the more authentic is its great choice of tacos. They offer a 4 tacos formula for only $ 10.50, but you can choose from other authentic dishes that the menu offers, such as succulent burritos or quesadillas for the same price.

3. Pizza Motta

For those who wish to dine without paying too much, Pizza Motta is THE reference pizzeria in Little Italy. Located opposite the Jean-Talon Market, it offers a wide choice of pizzas, and if you go on Wednesday or Friday you can enjoy their all you can eat pizza at only $ 11.95.

4. Le Zotique

If after that you are in a festive mood, the famous 4 @ 7 Zotique are perfect for parties with lively conversations. You can enjoy a craft beer from the 20 barrels of microbrewery on offer. Better yet, if you opt for a pint you will get a free shooter. What a pleasant time with friends in Little Italy! Their big poutine is a must.

5. Le Pourvoyeur

The pourvoyeur has also set the benchmark for students over time. Known for its friendly atmosphere, like its neighborhood, it offers a large amount of beer at reasonable prices but what we appreciate above all is the student discounts offered every night after 22 h! What better than to take advantage of the $ 2.50 shooters, pint of local and $ 5 poutine and the $ 17 pitcher after his evening class!


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