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Zeppole are back in Little Italy

Traditions are important in Little Italy especially when San Giuseppe's feast arrives on the calendar and zeppoles are back!

The zeppole (in Naples) and the bignè (in Rome) are simply garnished with pastry cream and cherries, typical of San Giuseppe (the king of dads). Pretty classic will you say except that traditionally these zeppole... are fried!

The legend tells that the cakes for the feast of the dads were born in honor of Giuseppe, Joseph (the father of Jesus) who it seems, coming back from Egypt, with Mary and her son, began selling frittelle (fried stuff) to meet the needs of the family. Beyond history, true to no, we are sure that zeppole are Italian pastries that you can not miss. Tradition would like them to be fried in lard but the oven version is very good too (and especially lighter).

It is more and more widespread in Italian pastries. Take a tour of Little Italy and decide yourself what is your favorite! Here is a list of shops or find zeppole in Little Italy:

Alati Caserta

San Gennaro

Pizzeria Gema (by the window)

Fruiterie Milano

Café Conca d'Oro

Miss Napoletana

Panino Pazzo

Pâtisserie Saint Martin

Pizza Motta


These pastries are available in limited quantities and in exceptional times, so be sure to stock up!