The art of gardening in Little-Italy!

Spring is finally here! When we say spring, we think of gardens, flowers and urban agriculture! It's the perfect time of the year to start growing your own vegetablesUrban agriculture is a tradition here and you may take a walk in the neighborhood to explore the local vegetables gardens. For example, on Henri-Julien street, just behind the Jean-Talon market, you can see a quite interesting example of private gardens!

Since their arrival in Montreal, italian immigrants have grown their own vegetables gardens and this tradition still continue today! In the arrondissement, there 9 community gardens and more than 939 jardinets!

Do you think about starting your own urban vegetable garden? Here are our advices!


Tips for a perfect vegetable garden!

The right dimensions

Whether you have a big garden or a small balcony, it’s completely possible to grow your own veggies! You can even take the recycling strategy and install your plants in a old wheelbarrow, a bucket or anything else! The important thing is to allow the roots have enough space to grow correctly!

If your prefer to install your potager directly in your garden, you just have to keep in mind the location: it’s better that your garden is not beside a busy street, that way you can avoid the pollution contamination on your plants.

The importance of organic

Once the location and/or the container is chosen, it's important to get the right equipment and the perfect soil! A quality potting soil will be amazing for your garden! We strongly suggest you to use an organic soil (mixed with compost) or a vegetable potting soil, rich with nutrients. Be reassured, if you don’t have the time, you don’t have to make your own potting soil with your compost: you can find this kind of soil in bags, ready to use. Go see around Jean-Talon market, we are sure you'll find your happiness there! 

For an healthy vegetable garden, you have to keep in mind some specific properties: for example, if you want to plant tomatoes, they’ll need between 6 and 8 hours of sun per day! So the position of your vegetable garden is really important!

The watering system is also a priority: during the hot season you need to water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening in order to avoid an early evaporation. In spring or in fall, you can water anytime in the day.


An action for the planet

We care about the environment, as you can read it in our previous blog post about the green practices of our merchants. This is why you can still see so many beautiful garden and vegetable garden in the neighborhood.

Vegetables garden are good for the environment and for the economy, but don't forget, the vegetables that you'll plant, has to be used for the consommation. We recommend you to use organic elements and to use water as a precious resource.

Do you still hesitate? Go meet the horticulture experts at the Jean-Talon market!

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