Little Italy cares about the environment : here are some good practices !

We all know it now, the environment is important! And it's also important to realize that we have to change our habits, little by little, to get things done. As much individually as collectively! That's why Monday, March 18th, on the World Recycling Day, we felt it was important to highlight this by presenting the best recycling practices adopted by shops owners in Little Italy.

Fight against food waste

Food waste has become a global issue and is defined by any food intended for human consumption that is lost or discarded. In order to fight effectively against food waste, last year the Jean-Talon market has set up a refrigerator to collect unsold food in good condition, which is then recovered by the Centre de Ressource et d’Action.

The Milano grocery store also works in that way by offering its unsold products in good condition to the Maisonnette des parents to help them with their food safety mission.

Give a second life!

Among good recycling practices, we can also think of Harold, a young Montreal-based company specialized in reinvented antiques that can give a second life to your furniture. In the same vein, Hus atelier is part of antique shops that give a new breath of life to Scandinavian-inspired furniture from the 1950s to the 1970s. You will be able to decorate your apartment with unique pieces while being environmentally responsible!

Looking to change your wardrobe? The Exchange Empire is a Montreal boutique specialized in the purchase, exchange and sale of clothing. Do you want to get rid of clothes you no longer wear? Instead of throwing them away, you can exchange them and in return the shop will offer you money or credit for clothes, shoes or accessories!


Limiting packaging for the environment

To limit plastic packaging is another good practice to adopt. Several shops in the neighborhood have decided to offer their products in bulk! And they are numerous:


We also find the Coop-Coco shop which also offers its products in bulk but also unique cosmetics handmade without packaging!

And what are your best practices for effectively recycling and thinking about the planet?

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