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Tasty Christmas gift in Little Italy!

Once again, you receive the answer "I don't knooooow" with a roll of eyes at the annual "What do you want for Christmas" question. This year, you will not be taken aback for your gift shopping, as we have come up with something for everyone!

As Little Italy is known as a gourmet destination, why not offer our reputation in a nice personalized gift basket? Here's how to fill it.

To get the day off with a good start, there is nothing better than a coffee from an espresso machine from Faema. You will find there all kinds of machines, from the traditional Bialetti to the imposing Faema and Rocket machines with a modern look. Have you tried their delicious Faema coffeehouse mix yet?

While visiting Beignes d'antan, at their recent opening at Jean-Talon Market, we noticed that they have several small products in the store, in addition to their decadent donuts. Our favorite is undoubtedly their Caramel and fleur de sel butter, which would be delicious on a panettone.

For the evening meal, the little truffle recipe book by Andrea Jourdan and the Strawberry-Basil-Vodka jam will open your appetite. 

For the courageous who will assemble their gift basket at the last minute, a delicious cheese from Fromagerie Hamel will be very well matched with a sausage from their neighbor Gusta. Olio & Cie will be able to suggest a pairing with their oils and vinegars!

And at the end of the evening? La Bièrothèque will be able to advise you which Québec microbrewery beers you should offer as a gift. If you prefer to offer a warm and comforting beverage, Camellia Sinensis will make your friend travel with its teas.

Camilla Sinensis - Scented green tea with lychee & peony

If you are in a hurry and you do not have the time to run the shops, Miss Napoletana will have all the essential Italien elements to create a custom-made gift box with pasta, oil, and sweets.

You would like to offer your friend a precious moment in your company? Give them an unforgettable evening in one of the restaurants in Little Italy!

Buon Natale!