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Il panettone – A Christmas tradition

During winter time, many desserts claim themselves as a traditional Christmas dessert in Italy, but the panettone is surely the most renowned.

What is a panettone? 

Reminding us of the traditional holiday fruitcake in Québec, panettone is a brioche with many different flavors, traditionally candied fruits and citrus.

Usually of high state, panettone is sliced vertically and is accompanied by sweet wines, such as asti spumante or moscato, or hot beverages.

To be a little more decadent, you can dress it with sauces or cover it with cream! Our suggestion would be neither whipped cream nor custard, but rather crema di mascarpone. This typical Italian cream is made with mascarpone, eggs, dried or candied fruit and sweet liquor, such as amaretto. A sabayon can also do the trick, or, our personal favorite, a pistachio cream, for example from the brand Favuzzi, available at Milano.

Already the end of the night and you have some leftovers? Perfect! You can serve it, grilled or not, as breakfast accompanied by a good espresso, ideal for a good start to your day.

If your children are not fond of raisins and crema, pandoro may be a good alternative to panettone. These two traditional desserts are very similar, except that the pandoro is only sprinkled with icing sugar and is star-shaped.

In addition, panettone is a great gift to offer to your hosts when you are invited to a holiday dinner. It is also a great alternative to the traditional bottle of wine (you can even drive after eating it!)

Where to find panettone in Little Italy?

As it is a typical product for the Holidays in Italy, several local shops offer it, even butchers.

Andrea Jourdan

For a few years now, this gourmet shop has been ordering its panettone handcrafted by Pariani in Milan, Italy. Currently, this is the last generation to know and produce this traditional recipe at the Pariani pastry shop, and no succession for the knowledge has yet come... The time is now to try their succulent panettone (or join the Pariani team as an apprentice pastry chef!)

200 Jean-Talon east


Instagram : @andreajourdanboutique


Boucherie Capitol

Despite an already full shop, Boucherie Capitol has found room for panettone! We can mostly find the Loison brand, with its flavors of chocolate and salted caramel and black cherry, as well as the Pasticceria Fraccaro brand with the flavors cream with grappa of Villa de Varda (!), pralines and chocolate, pistachio (yum!) and even an organic and gluten free panettone.

158 Place-du-Marché du Nord


Instagram : @boucheriecapitol


Fromagerie Hamel

Between the cheeses and the charcuterie, you will be able to find some panettone, mainly of the Rustico brand. Their different flavors alternate between limoncello, berries and mascarpone cream, classic or pear and chocolate. For the children, they also have the pandoro from the Borsari brand!

220 Jean-Talon east


Instagram : @fromageriehamel


Fruiterie Milano

What a choice at the Fruiterie Milano! We can find a wide range for all budgets, where some panettone are real gifts already packed in pretty boxes. Muzzi, Pere e Fichi, Borsari, Scarpato Zaghis and Tre Maria are some of the available brands. If you are not sure which panettone you want to buy for your holiday meal, some are available in smaller sizes, ideal for testing a few. They also have a gluten free panettone selection.

6862 Saint-Laurent Boulevard


Instagram : @milanofruiterie


Miss Napoletana

At Miss Napoletana, their panettone are none other than from Dolce e Gabbana ! Have you seen their beautiful and colourful boxes ?

189 Rue Dante


Instagram : @missnapoletanamtl


Pâtisserie Saint-Martin

In their Jean-Talon Market branch, this pastry shop offers you unusual panettone! Whether with rose, apple cream and cinnamon or even pumkin, you will find something for your taste.

268 Jean-Talon east



Quincaillerie Dante

Despite the narrowness of Quincaillerie Dante, they have found space for panettone! Five flavors are available, including iced chestnut, chocolate, lemon and chocolate and salted caramel, but be quick, they fly away in a second!

6851 Saint-Dominique street


Instagram : @quincailleriedante


San Gennaro

To help you keep you warm during this holiday shopping, this little pastry shop is the perfect pitstop to refuel on coffee or hot chocolate. You can even leave with traditional Italian desserts. This modern pastry shop offers panettone and pandoro straight from Italy! On the menu, a classic panettone from the brand Peluso, a pistachio flavor by Brontedolci and a pandoro and traditional panettone by Mauro Morandin.

69 Saint-Zotique east


Instagram : @sangennaromtl



You can also find panettone at these locations :

Caffè Italia: 6840 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, 514-495-0059

Bar Sportivo: 6804 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, 514-495-0170

Olio & Cie : 6908 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, 514-657-2211, Instagram : @oliocie

Zinman, Marché de volailles : 7010 Saint-Dominique street, 514-277-4302, Instagram : @zinman.volailles


Buon Natale!