The New Normal

Under-appreciated moments


No one thought that one day, all of our habits would change so abruptly, that something invisible would sneak into our comfort zone and deeply alter the routine we had worked so hard on building over the years. But there are no stories without turning points, and this one was ours. 

Suddenly, the fast world we lived in was on hold for a while. Deadlines were postponed, events were cancelled, plans with friends were rescheduled indefinitely, and life as we know it just changed. Your home became your office, your balcony replaced the café you spent your free time at, and you turned your living room into your own personal gym. 

But as you drowned deeper in your new normal, you couldn’t help but miss all the little things that you never truly appreciated before: going to your favorite restaurant after a long day at work, drinking with your colleagues during happy hour, talking to the sweet old lady next door on your way back from the market, and visiting your local baker for Sunday’s brunch. And suddenly, you realize that when everything was on lockdown, you couldn’t help but miss the small human interactions, and the things you never thought you had time for.

As life is slowly going back to normal in Little Italy, the moments that we miss most make way for new moments to discover, new things to try, and new habits to build. Let's take pleasure in rediscovering a neighborhood that we love, sharing new experiences, and enjoying a new normal that will make this summer one of a kind.

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