Every Wednesday in July and August at nightfall

The SDC Petite Italie - Marché Jean-Talon, Mediterranean Vision and the Festival du Cinéma Italien Contemporain (ICFF) are pleased to unveil the program for the Ciné-Parc Dante, which will take place every Wednesday from July 3 to August 28, 2024 in Little Italy

All summer long, Parc Dante, located on rue Dante between de Gaspé and Alma, will be the scene of numerous Italian film screenings from dusk onwards. A weekly get-together for cinephiles and fans of Italian cinema and culture, whether or not they speak Italian, as the films will be subtitled in French or English. Audiences will be able to chat with film experts, directors and actors before each screening, not to mention the opening concerts for a perfect evening in Petite Italie!

July 3 - Una piccola impresa meridionale (english subtitles)

A former priest, Don Costantino, is confined by his mother so that his undressing will not be known. The old disused lighthouse, belonging to Costantino's family, should guarantee the isolation of the former priest. Instead, it attracts everyone's attention, transforming over time into a pectinarum refuge. After Costantino come the former prostitute Magnolia, her brother-in-law Arturo and finally an extravagant renovation company called in to repair the roof. The protagonists will then all be called upon to rebuild their future.

The screening will be preceded by a concert by Daniela Fiorentino and followed by an exchange with director Rocco Papaleo.

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July 10 - Comandante (english subtitles) - CANCELED

During the Second World War, the reckless Lieutenant Commander of the Regia Marina Salvatore Todaro was in command of the submarine Comandante Cappellini when, on October 16, 1940, the latter sank a Belgian merchant ship, the Kabalo, off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, who opened fire on them.

Todaro decides, against the advice of his superiors, to save the 26 shipwrecked Belgians, condemned to certain death adrift on a raft hundreds of leagues from the coast, even if to do so he must surface for three days, making himself visible to enemy forces and risking his own life and that of his men. During these three days, the submarine will transform into a meeting place for strangers, also very different, but more similar than they thought.

The screening will be preceded by the concert “The Two Guitars”.

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July 17 - Basilicata coast to coast (english subtitles)

Nicola teaches maths in a high school in Maratea but cultivates her dream of music. His group is made up of Salvatore, an eternal medical student, Franco, who has not spoken since the death of his beloved woman, and Salvatore, a television celebrity in decline. The four decide to walk to Scanzano Jonico, on the opposite coast of Basilicata, to attend a music festival. The musicians arrive after the event is over, but still decide to perform in the deserted square to prove to themselves that they still have something to believe.

The screening will be preceded by a show and a dance workshop.

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July 24 - The blue caftan (arabic, french subtitles)

Halim has been married for a long time to Mina, with whom he runs a traditional kaftan store in the medina of Salé, Morocco. The couple has always lived with Halim's secret, his homosexuality which he learned to keep quiet. Mina's illness and the arrival of a young apprentice will upset this balance. United in their love, each will help the other to face their fears.

The screening is in partnership with the Moroccan Cultural Center Dar Al Maghrib.

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July 31 - La kryptonite nella borsa (english subtitles)

Naples 1973: Peppino Sansone, a sensitive, chubby 9-year-old child with glasses, lives in a rather strange family. Her depressed mother Rosaria locked herself into an anguishing silence after discovering the infidelities of her trader husband. The father seeks to get his son out of family problems by offering him three chicks to raise as pets who ultimately meet a sad end.

However, the hippie uncles Salvatore and Titina will take care of distracting Peppino by taking him to discotheques and feminist demonstrations. But Peppino's greatest friend is his cousin Gennaro, a strange guy who thinks he's Superman. When the latter dies suddenly hit by a bus, Peppino, thanks to his fantasy, brings him back to life in an imaginary world as a superhero and master of life. Thus, thanks to his “advice”, Peppino faces daily vicissitudes and approaches the complicated world of adults.

The screening will be preceded by a circus show and followed by a meeting with director Ivan Cotroneo.

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August 7 - The braid (french subtitles)

India. Smita is an Untouchable. She dreams of seeing her daughter escape her miserable condition and enter school.

Italy. Giulia works in her father's workshop. When he suffers an accident, she discovers that the family business is ruined.

Canada. Sarah, a renowned lawyer, is going to be promoted to head of her firm when she learns that she is ill.

Three lives, three women, three continents. Three battles to fight. Although they don't know each other, Smita, Giulia and Sarah are linked without knowing it by what is most intimate and most singular about them.

The screening will be preceded by the concert "The Two Guitars" and the short film Mediterraneo, le origini.

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August 14 - Zamora (french subtitles)

A young provincial learns to be respected (and to play football) in Milan in the 1960s.

The screening will be preceded by the short film Born on a Sunday Morning and a meeting with the cast of the short film.

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August 21 - Io Capitano (french dialogue, french subtitles)

Seydou and Moussa, two Senegalese teenagers who aspire to a better future, undertake a perilous journey to Europe by crossing the Sahara desert, Libyan jails and the Mediterranean, on a makeshift boat of which Seydou is the forced captain.

The screening will be preceded by the short film Rossi and company and followed by a meeting with director Agata De Santis

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August 28 - Amleto è mio fratello (english subtitles)

Paolo, Paolone, Andrea and Carlo are disabled actors who decide to leave secretly one evening aboard a minibus, greatly worrying their parents, the theater in which they work and even the police. The reason for this escape is that the four, great lovers of Shakespeare, have learned that a famous theater in Naples is looking for a company to perform the works of the bard and want to apply at all costs. However, the journey turns out to be anything but smooth.

The screening will be preceded by a classical music concert by Duo pro quo.

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It is advisable to arrive before 9 p.m. to enjoy the Italian atmosphere, eat and have fun in the gourmet district of Montreal!