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Events and hood life

Come live the excitement of the Little Italy’s neighborhood during its events. Many activities will be proposed to satisfy all tastes. Everybody is welcome!

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From May 29th to May 29th, 2020

Montreal en Lumiere’s Nuit Gourmande in Little Italy!

On Saturday, February 23rd, the Nuit Gourmande, a colorful event, will present a multitude of amazing gastronomic activities for gourmet night owls.

In Little Italy, here the 19 activities that will be held for this first edition of La Nuit Gourmande!

Italy In Montreal with Elise Tastet

This activity will take place in various institutions of Little Italy, with Caffè San Simeon as the meeting point at 3 pm. During this gourmet activity, Italy and its history with Montreal will be approached, as well as the culinary peculiarities of Italy, and how they make it one of the most appreciated cuisines in the world. During this tasteful and informative journey, you can taste the various Italian flavors in complete intimacy with the owners, as well as learn what is hidden on the other side of the counter!

The shops you will visit include Caffè San SimeonImpasto or GemaBottegaMilano, and Alati-Caserta.

This activity will take place three times during the winter on Saturday, February 23rd and March 2nd-3rd.

For more information, click here.

Photo: Tastet


Market-to-table dinner! With Eric Champagne, Éric Chevrier, and Stelio Perombelon 

Montréal en LumièreLa Tablée des Chefs, and Marché Jean-Talon invite you to live a unique culinary experience: the market-to-table dinner package. Imagine a tour of the Jean-Talon market with renowned chef Stelio Perombelon to buy food that will be used to prepare a tasty meal with him, for you and the person of your choice. You will then enjoy, along with the eclectic jazz of Doro Musique, the excellent dinner that you will have cooked, paired with wines suggested by sommelier Éric Chevrier of the ITHQ. To top it off: a dessert in demonstration with the pastry chef Éric Champagne. An unforgettable evening on the menu!

This activity will take place Saturday, Febuary 23rd at 3 pm, at l’École de cuisine de la Tablée des Chefs, 2nd Floor, 7070 Henri-Julien.

For more information, click here.


Gourmet Pit stop at Kitchen Galerie

For the festive Nuit Gourmande, the chefs Mathieu Bourdages and Mathieu Cloutier will install benches, lighting and a barbecue outside their restaurant to offer hors-d'oeuvres and warm drinks to festivalgoers taking part in culinary tours of Little Italy and Marché Jean-Talon. All of 18yrs old and more are invited to come enjoy an aperitif. Good vibes guaranteed!



Birra- Restaurant / Bars à Bières Maison Dégustation mystère et bière chaude
Havre aux glaces Glace et sorbet
Le Marché des Saveurs assiettes dégustations de fromages et charcuteries du Québec
La bièrothèque Dégustation de bières de microbrasserie
Pizzeria Napoletana La Festa Italiana
Le Pourvoyeur Gin & Poutine
Les Amoureux du terroir Des pommes, même en hiver !
Jardins Sauvages La gastronomie forestière pour aider à passer l'hiver!
La Fournée des Sucreries de l'érable Dégustation de tarte au sirop d'érable
Le Watson Nachos and Dinausors
Qui Lait Cru Dégustation de raclette traditionnelle
Domaine Villeneuve Dégustation de pommes Honeycrisp
Balkani Sélection spéciale de charcuteries
La Crêperie du Marché Crêpe sans gluten spéciale Nuit Gourmande
Beignes d'Antan B&B : Lequel choisirez-vous ?
Saint-Houblon Dégustation de bière et produits du terroir
Fromagerie Hamel Il fait frette, mangeons de la raclette !